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Apricot jam

Summer is in our house also an opportunity to make some homemade jam as a reserve. All the fruits are getting ripe and I don’t know any better way of storing its fully fruity taste for colder days. For us the apricot jam is number one at this moment.



natural cane sugar

gelling agent

Steps: 5


At first, you must have really ripe, rather soft apricots. Wash them and mill.


Sprinkle the milled apricots with a little sugar and let it chill for at least an hour or two.


Slowly bring to boil and stir constantly, so that the bottom of the pot will not get burnt.


When the jam is hot and the sugar has dissolved in it, taste it and add more sugar if needed. If the fruit released a lot of water and the jam was very watery, use also some gelling agent.


Cook for approximately 30 minutes, no more time is needed. Fill clean glasses with cooked jam, enclose, turn upside down, so that the lids will “stick well” (as my mum says). :-)


What’s so amazing about cooking jam, is the fact, that I follow my taste. I will not tell you how much sugar you must use for how many kilos of fruit.. You don’t have to. It depends on you. Various fruit has various natural sweetness.

The last time we were cooking apricot jam with my mum in her summer kitchen in a large pot :-) For 7 kilos of apricots we used just about 2,5 kilos of natural cane sugar.

I cook jams this way. And believe me, it is much more fun than you could imagine. I have no problem to cook only 1-2 glasses when I have some very ripe fruit at home. Sometimes I replace sugar by honey or some different sweetener. I don’t even use the gelling agent all the time. Sometimes it is better for me if the jam is not too thick.

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