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Bean and tomato spread

For some spreads, I don't need a pastry or bread. For this one, I only need sliced vegetables. As well, you don't need to use any butter or cheese. I recommend to serve this spread at various meetings with family or friends. With us, it is always very successful.


1 tin red beans in salted water

approx. 5 dried tomatoes

1 fresh tomato


approx. 2 tbsp oil from dried tomatoes tin

1 spring onion (not necessary)

Steps: 3


Take the red beans out of the tin and rinse.


Cut the dried tomatoes into smaller pieces and together with red beans, put it into a blender with chopper. Blend. If the mixture is too thick (which probably will be), add oil from dried tomatoes tin and blend it again.


Add chopped spring onion (if you want to use it) and as well, chopped pulp from the fresh tomato (I take out the seeds). Mix manually and add salt according to your preference.

I either serve the spread with some pastry or with sliced vegetables as a dip. Let it cool before serving.

This spread is great delicacy especially during hot summer days, when at least I personally don't want to eat cooked food.

You can apply this process on any other leguminous, don't be afraid to make your own combination! In order to make food quick and tasty, you could only need two-three ingredients.

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