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Bean dip with feta cheese

I introduce you another of my attempts to put more legumes into our food. :-) This bean dip with feta can be used not only to "soak" a variety of vegetables, tortilla chips, but also as a bread spread. Really yummy!


1 can large white beans

2 cloves garlic

approx. 1/2 - 3/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp milled cumin

75 g feta cheese

3 tbsp olive oil

handful chopped chives

Steps: 3


Canned beans rinse well under running water and put them in a food processor with a cutting knife.


Add to it a chopped garlic, chopped feta cheese, olive oil, salt and ground cumin.


Be sure, that everything is good "chopped" into a gentle mash. Finally add the chopped chives.

If is needed I add more salt, but be careful, feta is usually salty enough.

Spread (or dip) can also be prepared from red beans, for example. Instead of chives add other fresh herbs and serve sprinkled with different seeds (sunflower, sesame, or pumpkin). You can get more pronounced flavour when you dry them on the pan.

At the end you can sprinkle this dip with some quality olive oil or pumpkin oil and a healthy delicacy is prepared in just a few minutes.

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