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Chilli jam

Sweet and also spicy. Well, this is exactly, for many people unordinary, chilli jam. Just prepare it into a nice cup and you will get an interesting gift for your relatives or friends.


7 pieces long red chilli peppers

4 pieces sharp red paprika

500 ml apple vinegar

1 kilo gelling sugar 2:1

Steps: 5


Get rid the core and seeds from chilli peppers and red paprika and cut them into smaller pieces. Put into food processor with a blender and chop finely.


Meanwhile, put gelling sugar together with apple vinegar into a pot. Let the sugar melt on a low heat.


When the sugar is melted completely, add chopped chilli peppers and red paprika. Stir occasionally and boil for about 15 minutes.


Take off the heat and let chill in the pot for about half an hour. When the jam cools down, it also thickens. That's why I stir it occasionally, so that the peppers disperse evenly.


Split and pour into sterilized cups and close tightly. If you want to, you can sterilize the ready jam too.

Chilli jam is a great delicacy, which can decorate different canapes. It is suitable with various cheeses and salty crackers, cooked or smoked meat, into sauces and dips, ... you can use it anywhere you would use, for example, spicy ketchup.

If you for any reason don't want to make it too spicy, adjust the proportion of chilli peppers. Use less chilli peppers and more red paprika.

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