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Energy balls

Balls made of all good and healthy stuff, which you should grab every time you crave something small and sweet. It will give you energy without useless empty calories.


1 cup quinoa oats

10 pcs dried apricots

3 tbsp hazelnut spread

1 tbsp honey (not necessary)

2 tbsp apple puree (not necessary)

Steps: 3


Put quinoa oats and apricots into blender and blend.


Add hazelnut spread, blend again and taste. If you want to, add some honey (depending on the sweetness of apricots) and/or apple puree (this in the case if the mass was too dry and didn’t stick together).


Form balls and put them into fridge to cool.

From this quantity I managed to make 18 balls. I used a tablespoon (15 ml) as a measure.

And as well as each one of my recipes, this is flexible, and you might customize it depending on your preferences. Replace quinoa oats by wholemeal spelt ones, or buckwheat oats, apricots by plums, power nougat by almond butter …

Even in Slovakia we can find incomparably healthier version of hazelnut spread. Look for Power nougat. You can make it yourself too. You would just need a good blender, hazelnuts, quality cocoa powder, cocoa butter and coconut flower sugar. Yummy! :-)

The balls will be even more nutritious if you add a protein powder (I recommend one with no flavour), or pure collagen.

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