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Homemade burger

I haven’t met a person who does not like to eat burgers from time to time. And especially, when we’re talking about a fair homemade burger… I never manage to make enough of them :-)

for stuffing:

burger bans



red onion

sliced bacon

sliced cheese




for burgers:

milled meat




ground black pepper

Steps: 6


I start by seasoning the meat. We either use pure beef, or mixture of 80% beef and 20% pork meat (for example shoulder). I use about 120-150g of meat for one burger. So for us, for four portions, I need 600g of meat.

I seasoned the meat with 1 tbsp of mustard, 1 tbsp of ketchup, 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper and 2 teaspoons of salt.


Stir, split into 4 portions and form thin patties by hands. The meat will reduce during roasting, so you need to make the patties bigger, so they won’t disappear inside the bun :-)


Then put the meat into fridge for a couple of minutes, so the tastes will join. Meanwhile, cut the veggies which we will use in burgers. In this case, clean the lettuce and tear smaller pieces, then slice the red onion and tomato.


If I currently have any bacon, I roast a couple of slices too.


After taking the meat out of the fridge let it sit at the room temperature (that’s when I roast the bacon).

Roast the meat on the bacon fat, approx. 4 minutes from each side. The time depends on how thick or thin the meat is. Approx. 2 minutes before the meat is done, put a slice of cheese on the top of it and let it melt.


Then, just compose the burger as you wish. I spread the inside of the buns with sauce, which is just a mixture of mayonnaise with a little mustard and ketchup.

I prepared my own, homemade buns. It is nothing too complicated, you just have to give them enough time to rise. 

This is just one of many recipes I use for burgers. The main rule is only one: put anything you like into the bun. The same counts when you season the meat. You don’t like mustard? Then just don’t put it there. Someone might like a little roasted onion inside the meat mixture.

We prefer raw onion in a bun :-) Other times, I only season the meat with salt, pepper and some other herbs.

It is quite difficult to state the exact amount of the ingredients.This is one of the recipes where I follow my own taste. As well with the meat. If you use teaspoon or tablespoon of mustard and ketchup, is up to you.

At my house, my kids like the mixture with mayonnaise too, as a burger sauce. But sometimes, you only need ketchup or a few drops of chili sauce.

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