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Lightning-fast pizza

You crave pizza but you are lazy to prepare the dough and wait until it ferments? No need to call the delivery, you can make this fast, crunchy pizza.


Arabic bread

dried tomatoes in oil


handful of baby spinach

cherry tomatoes

spring onion

herb salt

Steps: 5


Place the Arabic bread (or breads) on a baking pan lined with baking paper.


Spread sliced dried tomatoes and add a little oil from the tin.


Add sliced mozzarella on the dried tomatoes and put into oven preheated to 190 degrees.


Bake for about 10 minutes until the cheese melts and the edges get golden. I advise to check regularly after 8 minutes to prevent the edges from burning.


One baked, decorate with handful of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and chopped spring onion. Season with herb salt.

For my men, I prepare a different version of this pizza. As a base I use my homemade ketchup, then slices of ham, mozzarella and cubed bacon or dried ham.

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