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Pork neck in a glass

I know this is not exactly what you'd call the healthiest recipe. Well, it's just a point of view, right? It is suitable for any kind of occasion. With fresh bread, onion, or pickled cucumbers, you get a nice dinner in a minute. An I believe it would be a nice edible gift as well.


approx. 2 kg pork neck

300 g lard with cracklings

200 ml hot water


Steps: 7


You can either let the meat as a whole, or you may cuti it into slices / steaks (this really shortens the time of preparation). I have cut it. Salt the meat properly, cover with aluminium foil and put into a cold place overnight, or for 24 hour (balcony in witner or fridge).


On the next day, add lard and hot water.


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees and put the meat uncovered at first. After about half an hour, when all the lard is dissolved, cover the meat with aluminium foil and bake for about 2 hours.


Then uncover the meat and bake for another hour. A part of the liquid evaporates, and that's what we want.


After 3 hours of baking, the meat will start to crumble nicely. Break apart into smaller pieces using two forks.


Fill clean glasses with the meat and liquid and close well.


Sterilize in oven at 100 degrees for at least 30 minutes. (Place the glasses with meat on a baking pan with higher edges, add hot water and place into the oven.)

This amazing meaty delicacy will please children as well as guest. :-) It is great served cold, but you can heat it up in the oven if you prefer so. I don't use any more seasonings, it's better to add salt and pepper according to everyone's taste.

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