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Roasted tomato soup

It never takes much time to eat this soup in our house :-) It is an ideal way of consuming larger amount of this sweet vegetable (or fruit?). You will only need just a few ingredients, which you surely have at home.


approx. 1,5 kg ripe tomatoes

1 red onion

1 head garlic

1 tin (400 g) white beans

approx. 1 tbsp olive oil

1 - 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

salt, ground black pepper and Chinese five spice

Parmesan cheese (not necessary)

approx. 1 tbsp sugar (not necessary)

Steps: 5


Peel and cut the onions into a bit smaller pieces. Put in on a baking pan together with unpeeled garlic.


Add sliced tomatoes to the onion and garlic (if they are small, just cut it halfway).


Add salt and a little olive oil. Put it into oven preheated to 160 degrees for 1 hour.


Then place the baked vegetables into a blender and blend until smooth. Don’t forget to peel the baked garlic before you blend it :-).


Add washed white beans and season with balsamic vinegar and salt (if some more is needed), pepper and Chinese five spice. If it is necessary, add one spoon of sugar too. Blend again. If the soup was too thick, add water until the consistency is good.

Whoever wants to can add parmesan. Either blend it with the soup or sprinkle some over the top of the soup.

When you bake the tomatoes longer and on lower temperature, you can get the maximal flavour out of it.If you used more tomatoes, or bigger pieces, you could bake it even for 1,5 hours.

Balsamic vinegar can be replaced by more intense worchester sauce. The soup will therefore get a little more spicy.

The eventual taste of the soup depends on the ripeness (or sweetness) of the tomatoes. That’s why you should follow your preferences when seasoning it. If you like the soup sweeter, add more sugar. If more spicy, add for example a piece of chili pepper, or fresh herbs and lemon juice.

I make this soup rather thicker. Together with parmesan and croutons it can substitute the main dish. My younger child ate it 3 days in a row and on the 4th day then asked me if there was anything left yet :-).

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