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Strawberry hearts

Strawberry hearts are great and easy recipe for which you only need twoo ingredients. Healthy sweets, pleasant not only for a Valentine's day, but as well as a sweet present for a birthday, or a Mother's day. Even children can prepare it. :-)



dark chocolate

sugar sprinkles (not necessary)

Steps: 3


Melt the chocolate in a pot.


Wash the strawberries and cut away the stem. Cut strawberries in halves (longitudinally) and if it is needed, form them so that the "heart shape" looks better.


Dip the strawberries into the melted chocolates and place on a cooling rack or a foil. Then let them chill until firm.

If there's any chocolate left, I dribble it over the strawberries with some sugar sprinkles and let them firm again.

I don't mention quantities intentionally. It depends on how many strawberries you want to prepare. The better chocolate and strawberries you use, the better and healthier the result will be.

I like to serve them individually in small paper cups. It is easier and more practical. And if you place them into a nice box, you can make homemade box of chocolates in a few minutes.

But from my own experience I must warn you, you will never make enough!

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