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Strawberry popsicles with curd

Who wouldn’t be a fan of ice cream or popsicles during summer! We love it all and we could eat it all day long. That’s why I’ve started with my homemade popsicles. It is super easy, and you don’t even have to leave your house for this frozen delicacy :-)


250 g lumpy curd

250 ml full fat milk

approx. 500 g strawberries

2 - 4 tbsp honey (or sugar)

Steps: 3

The preparation of homemade popsicles is really so easy. It depends only on you, what else you will add. You can modify this basic curd-fruity recipe, and add whatever you like. Strawberries can be replaced by different fruit (or mix of fruits). You can also add small pieces of fruit into blended mixture… If you want your popsicles to be more strawberry than curdy, it is simple, just use more strawberries or less curd :-)


Blend the curd together with milk into smooth mash.


Add strawberries (I use also frozen ones) and honey, and blend again. The amount of honey depends also on the amount and sweetness of strawberries used.


Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and put into freezer.

And for daintier ones, you can try a version with for example white chocolate (dip the prepared popsicles into melted chocolate and either eat right away, or let the chocolate stiffen and put it back to freezer).

You could also use soft curd, instead of lumpy. I prefer lumpy curd, because even after blending and freezing the popsicles, you can still taste the curdy taste. And for us, it is yummy :-)

If you don’t have popsicle molds, you can use plastic glasses, or yogurt containers. Let the mixture freeze a little and just when it stiffens (30-60 minutes), stick the sticks or small plastic spoons into it. That is why I don’t tell you how many portions it will make - it depends on the size of your molds or glasses you use. But for a few days you will have enough storings :-)

You will taste the curd less after freezing it. Don’t be afraid to sweeten the mixture a bit more than you’re used to. Because the popsicles can easily happen to be tasteless.

I like to do various frozen treats into single forms, molds and so on. If you put the mixture into one large bowl, after freezing it would be very stiff and no one is patient enough to wait until it defrosts in order to eat it by spoon. You can eat the popsicle right away :-)

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