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Has an unexpected guest surprised you? Do you fancy something “small” and sweet? Or you just want to refresh during hot summer days by something quick and cold? No matter the reason, it is never bad to have a recipe like this in you repertory.

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Mascarpone dessert

Ingredients:Serves: 4

250 g mascarpone

150 g white yogurt


Amaretto (almond liqueur)

fruit and amaretto biscuits for decoration

Steps: 3


Mix the mascarpone with white yogurt and sweeten with honey. Zest with a few drops (or spoons :-) ) of almond liqueur.


Split the mixture into separate glasses, in which you want to serve it.


Decorate with some fruit and amaretto biscuits. Let cool for a while.


You can adjust the amount of the ingredients depending on how many portions you want to make. For 4 people is one mascarpone (250g) and one white yogurt (150g) just enough. I always rather add more fruit.

When you don’t want to use almond liqueur, add for example almond or vanilla extract. Amaretto however suits well with mascarpone and typical italian biscuits.

Use any kind of fruit you like. For modification I use a spoon of homemade jam (more watery one) or I blend a part of the fruit.

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