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Potato cream soup with crispy bacon is very easy, quick and rich. And actually you don't need much for its preparation.

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Potato cream soup with bacon


100 g thin sliced smoked bacon

approx. 700 g potatoes

3 cloves garlic

1,5 - 2 l water or broth

125 g cheddar cheese

2 tsp salt

150 ml full fat milk

Steps: 6


Chop the bacon int osmall strips and saute in a pot with one spoon of oil. 


Take out the bacon and add diced potatoes into the leftover bacon grease. Saute for a while and add chopped garlic.


Put over with water of broth (I did 50:50), season with salt and simmer for about 20 - 30 minutes. The potatoes should be tender.


Add grated cheddar (or other hard cheese) to boiled potatoes and mix the soup.


The soup will be very thick so soften it with milk and let it boil again.


If necessary, add more salt. It depends mostly on the cheese you have used. 

Serve the soup with fried crispy bacon.

As the title says, this is a creamy soup, therefore thick soup. However there's no problem with adding more water, broth, or milk to make it more soup-like.

Sometimes, I don't mix the whole soup, so I take out a part of cooked potatoes and put back after mixing.

The soup may be served as the main course. Prepare meatballs in the oven and serve together.

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